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Photo of Banana Kg

Banana Kg

$5.95 per kg

SPECIAL - Save $1.00
Photo of Avocado Ea

Avocado Ea

$1.99 each

Photo of Capsicum Red

Capsicum Red

$3.99 per kg

SPECIAL - Save $3.96
Photo of Apple Pink Lady Kg

Apple Pink Lady Kg

$3.49 per kg

SPECIAL - Save $3.46
Photo of Onions Brown

Onions Brown

$1.99 per kg

Photo of Potatoes Sweet Gold

Potatoes Sweet Gold

$2.99 per kg

Photo of Zucchini


$5.95 per kg

Photo of Tomatoes


$9.95 per kg

Photo of Potatoes Brushed

Potatoes Brushed

$2.99 per kg

Photo of Broccoli Kg

Broccoli Kg

$6.95 per kg

Photo of Mandarins Kg

Mandarins Kg

$4.95 per kg

Photo of Lemons Kg

Lemons Kg

$4.95 per kg

Photo of Pumpkin Jap

Pumpkin Jap

$2.99 per kg

Photo of Cucumber Continental

Cucumber Continental

$2.95 each

Photo of Garlic


$13.95 per kg

Photo of Mushroom Button Kg

Mushroom Button Kg

$24.95 per kg

Photo of WaterMelon Seedless Cut

WaterMelon Seedless Cut

$6.95 per kg

Photo of Lettuce Iceberg Ea

Lettuce Iceberg Ea

$2.95 each

Photo of Oranges Valencia

Oranges Valencia

$3.95 per kg

SPECIAL - Save $1.04
Photo of Pear


$6.95 per kg

Photo of Carrots Kg

Carrots Kg

$3.75 per kg

Photo of Cucumber Lebanese

Cucumber Lebanese

$9.95 per kg

Photo of Kiwi Fruit 4pk Tray

Kiwi Fruit 4pk Tray

$2.99 each

Photo of Strawberries 250gm

Strawberries 250gm

$2.99 each

Photo of Apples Royal Gala Kg

Apples Royal Gala Kg

$5.95 per kg

Photo of Celery 1/2

Celery 1/2

$2.49 each

Photo of English Spinach Bag 100g

English Spinach Bag 100g

$2.99 each

Photo of Onions Red

Onions Red

$2.99 per kg

SPECIAL - Save $1.96
Photo of Tomatoes Cherry Punnet

Tomatoes Cherry Punnet

$2.49 each

SPECIAL - Save $1.00
Photo of Cauliflower 1/2

Cauliflower 1/2

$2.95 each

Photo of Celery Bunch

Celery Bunch

$3.95 each

Photo of Blueberries Punnet 125g

Blueberries Punnet 125g

$2.95 each

SPECIAL - Save $2.00
Photo of Celery Tray Each

Celery Tray Each

$2.95 each ($2.95 per kg)

Photo of Cauliflower Each

Cauliflower Each

$3.99 each

Photo of Potatoes Chats Bag 1kg

Potatoes Chats Bag 1kg

$3.95 each

Photo of Apples G/Smith Kg

Apples G/Smith Kg

$7.95 per kg

Photo of Cabbage Red 1/4

Cabbage Red 1/4

$3.95 each

Photo of Limes Each

Limes Each

$1.25 each

Photo of Mushroom Flat Kg

Mushroom Flat Kg

$24.95 per kg

Photo of Pineapple


$3.99 each ($3.99 per kg)

Photo of Avocadoes Pre/Pack Ea

Avocadoes Pre/Pack Ea

$3.95 each

Photo of Beetroot Kg

Beetroot Kg

$4.95 per kg

Photo of Broccolini Ea

Broccolini Ea

$3.99 each

Photo of English Baby Spinach

English Baby Spinach

$24.95 per kg

Photo of Fresha Free Range X/Large 700g

Fresha Free Range X/Large 700g

$7.95 each ($1.14 per 100g)

Photo of Kiwi Fruit Each

Kiwi Fruit Each

$0.95 each

Photo of Parsley Tray 30g

Parsley Tray 30g

$2.99 each

Photo of Pineapple Half Each

Pineapple Half Each

$2.95 each

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